Eddie & Edvismafia

Eddie & Edvismafia

Eddie Foo is a 57YO professional who arrived onto Singapore’s shores 18 years ago as a Permanent Resident.

10533455_949851751695350_8891494205474327519_nMusic had always been in his blood but Eddie did not devote himself to it until recently, when he realised that music can be a means whereby he can remain active as he ages and as he slips into the twilight of his professional career.

From about 7 years ago, virtually from his 50th birthday, Eddie started to take on singing, and particularly singing Elvis songs, somewhat more seriously albeit, at that time, still and always as a hobby pastime.
From that time till now, Eddie has gathered around him like-minded friends who sing, play music and basically enjoy the music they grew up with – always evoking the memories and nostalgia of their teens. Because of his affinity for Elvis’ music, Eddie has chosen to call his band Edvismafia which is a compound word forged from 3 elements – his own name as Eddie, Elvis’ name and the group of people around Elvis in his adult life and who basically were his bodyguards, his musicians and friends who went to the movies, amusement parks and rode horses and motorbikes with him. Colloquially, this group were known as the “Memphis Mafia” as they all came from and lived in Memphis.

Eddie has had some minor successes with his music. For example, he had been engaged to play in Kota Kinabalu and also, more recently, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Eddie also plays at corporate events and weddings, whenever the opportunity arises. However, fame and fortune are not the primary objectives. Enjoying the 3rd stage of life, prime time to him and remaining active as he slips into retirement is.

It is in this spirit and also in the spirit of doing some good for the not-so-fortunate amongst us that the idea for this event of 7 January 2011 took form and it is in this spirit that Eddie hopes that all who attend that evening will enjoy.

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