About us

Who We Are

Eddie has performed and paid tribute to the King at innumerable functions with a geographical spread of venues ranging from Sri Lanka to Kota Kinabalu and over to peninsular Malaysia and to audiences big and small.

The band’s name is totally Elvis-inspired. “Edvis” is coined out of a combination of Elvis’ and Eddie’s name whilst “MAFIA” pays tribute to the group of men who surrounded Elvis throughout most of his career and who individually acted as his bodyguards, personal assistant, songwriter, publicist and even football team, horse-riding team, amusement park team, movie-going team etc and who collectively at the time were known as the “Memphis MAFIA”.

Eddie and Edvis MAFIA take pride in being known not only as the premier Elvis band in Singapore but also for the band that is able to perform the most Elvis songs well. Elvis recorded close to a thousand songs through his career.

More About Edvis

This is the website of the Premier Elvis Tribute Artist in Singapore, Eddie Foo, and his band, EdvisMAFIA.

They are available for hire for your various events:

  • private event,
  • wedding celebrations
  • company Dinner-and-Dance,
  • corporate event
  • corporate retreat,
  • birthday celebrations,
  • product launches,
  • property launches,
  • and anywhere where music is required to create the ambiance and the environment and especially of the Elvis kind. 

Event Engagements  start from S$2,500/-

  • Inclusive of Five (5) Piece Band and Equipment
  • Coordinate with your event planner
  • Set up, sound checked and ready before your evening guests arrive

Meet The Team

Edvismafia comes with 5 piece live band and lead singer, Eddie Foo. EdvisMafia makes your Events  a memorable one that the King would do and so far EdvisMafia has many happy clients.



Eddie Foo

Lead Singer


Augustine Cheong



Sammin Ang



Ben Huang



Gregory Anderson


John Yap



Ernesto Valerio